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Helping Kids Perform

Mental Skills Every Parent, Teacher, and Coach Should Master!

A new book by internationally-recognized performance expert Dr. Jacques Dallaire of Performance Prime

  • Heightened anxiety always affects performance in a negative way. Learn how to help your child remain calm and perform at their best, even in high-pressure situations.
  • Confidence is critical to the mindset that leads us to our best performance and yet, the vast majority of people wrestle with the issue of poor self-confidence every day. Learn what you can do to keep confidence high regardless of the situation… and how you can transfer this understanding to your children.
  • Focusing more is not necessarily the answer to your child’s performance problems. Learn what top performers have come to understand – that the real key to success is how you CONTROL your focus.
  • Negative stress can corrupt your mindset and hurt your performance. Learn how you can more effectively cope with stressful situations and preserve your ability to deliver your best performance, no matter how challenging the task.
  • Self-Esteem reflects the reputation that we develop with ourselves. Learn how you can help your child to build his/her self-esteem.
  • How does your child mentally set him/herself up for failure? Understand what role you might be playing in inadvertently sabotaging your child and learn how you can teach them to avoid this trap.

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“The clear and logical guidance in Helping Kids Perform was both easy to follow and very effective when I implemented it in my day to day life. Learning how to effectively identify and deal with thoughts and behaviours that sabotage both my performance and my ability to positively influence those around me was a priceless tool.”

“Dr. Jacques was instrumental in my professional life, we achieved goals initially believed impossible. His coaching works and the idea that we can help our kids achieve more by coaching them in the ACT model makes perfect sense to me because I’ve been a fan for years.”

“I know so many fine administrators, teachers, and coaches who will want to learn about helping students excel in school, sports and life…and avoid mentally sabotaging themselves!”

“My goal in raising my kids was to help them feel they had some control over their environment and to always think for themselves. Now I am grateful that Dr. Jacques Dallaire, after training our race car drivers, is bringing his expertise to help us with our children!”

Helping Kids Perform

In today’s competitive world, the need to perform has never been greater. Yet, we all – adults and children alike – often are quite effective at mentally sabotaging our own performance! It’s not that we intend to. It’s just that we don’t really understand how our mindset actually affects our ability to perform. As a result, we systematically continue to make the same mistakes and our performance suffers. As adults, the unfortunate truth is that we sometimes are the agents responsible for triggering the mental sabotage of children that we are charged to support. We mean to help, but in fact, our words and actions damage the mindset that allows them to deliver their best performance.

Helping Kids Perform will help you to better understand the mental skills side of the performance equation and show you how you can communicate those principles to your children. It offers a framework that will clarify how the way that we think really influences how we perform, and how mindset can affect health as well. This book examines issues of self-confidence; self-esteem; coping with stress; using imagery to shape performance; controlling focus; and more. The simple tools and proven strategies offered represent a roadmap for the development of a set of life skills that will empower you and your children to take control of the mental “noise” that has such a powerful influence on our emotions, our behaviors, and our ability to perform.

Jacques Dallaire

Dr. Jacques Dallaire is an internationally-recognized performance expert who received his Doctorate in Exercise Physiology from the University of Alberta in 1979. Over the past forty years, Dr. Dallaire has worked with thousands of individuals from the high-performance sport world and beyond, including law enforcement and other high-risk occupational professions, the entertainment world, and the business community. He splits his time delivering sports team and corporate group performance programs as well as individual, one-on-one programs with high-performance clients. Dr. Dallaire is President of Performance Prime, a North Carolina-based company which he founded, is an author (Performance Thinking), a Founding Member of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences, and in 2007 was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame, recognizing the positive impact he has had on the sport of motor racing.

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While Dr. Dallaire has an advanced degree in Exercise Science and works in the Mental Skills area of performance, he is not a Psychologist nor a Psychiatrist. His advice or suggestions are not designed to replace the treatment of a qualified therapist for clinical conditions.


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